Here’s My Story

Christopher McKellar

I am Christopher McKellar, and I live in a small town in North Carolina.

People do not believe me when I say that I am obsessed with On-Board Diagnostics scan tools. But, it does not surprise me, either.

OBD tools are magical, and they tell us what is wrong with our vehicle.

We could say that I was exposed to this magic quite earlier.

Because my folks at home used to run a garage, I had found them using this tiny little device to diagnose what is wrong with a car or a truck.

Believe me; it was a thing of awe on the first day. Because, on the other hand, I had seen my father spend hours and days trying to figure out what was wrong with the vehicle.

Suddenly, an OBD scanner made it all so simple. Since then, I have tried to find how these OBD Scan tools work and how accurate they are when considering the predictions.

After years of this research and spending time with different devices, I could tell a lot about an OBD scanner by simply looking at it. And, for my friends and family who wanted to get one of the nifty devices, I became the go-to person to clear doubts.

I understand that choosing a suitable OBD scanning device can be tricky during these times. You would have to choose a product that is accurate and user-friendly at the same time.

After all, you get one of these OBD scanners to stop going to a mechanic whenever you encounter a problem. So, simplicity must be one of the core ideas.

Therefore, I could start a place where I share all the insights I have about OBD scanners and the technicalities that they entail.

For instance, we can talk about the best OCD scanners out there and how to select the best one for your needs. You may also find some information on getting the most out of a device you have already bought.

So, for the time being, CarInformant will be a haven for all things OBD scanners. I can help you make some informed decisions and buying choices with the help of the experience in the area.

Also, it will help me all day if you have some better ideas.