Fixd Review: How Does Fixd Work And Should You Get It?

Fixd Review: How Does Fixd Work And Should You Get It?

Perhaps you’ve heard about OBD2 scanners that you can use on your car to receive diagnostic information about your vehicle.

But there are even easier ways to access a treasure trove of data to keep your car running smoothly, such as Fixd, which can perform a variety of scans on your car to keep it in working order.

What, exactly, is Fixd? This is a sensor that communicates with your car. It works by sending your car’s diagnostic data directly to your phone

This can make it much easier to get the information you need. You won’t have to make use of an OBD scanning device or have to transmit the information to your email or device because it will already be on your device in the form of an app.

With that in mind, let’s explore Fixd and see if it’s worth purchasing. 


How Does Fixd Work? 

How Does Fixd Work?

Right off the bat, it’s good to know that Fixd is not just an app that you use on your phone to communicate with your car’s on-board computer.

It’s a software-hardware combination that’s sold by Fixd Automotive and provides you with information about your vehicle that you need, such as if there’s a component that has to be repaired.

Basically, the hardware will retrieve information from your car’s computer and send it directly to your smartphone via an app.

Fixd: What Are The Pros And Cons?

Fixd: What Are The Pros And Cons?

You are able to make use of various apps on the market that can diagnose your car, so what makes Fixd unique? Let’s check out its pros and cons.


  • When Fixd scans your car, if it locates any problems these will be sent to your phone via the Fixd app. This makes it convenient for you to show the scan results to your mechanic because you always have your phone on you. You don’t need any other devices.
  • The Fixd app is available on both iOS and Android devices. 
  • It’s really easy to use. Once you have downloaded the app on your device, you should open it and create an account. Then, sit in your car to connect the Fixd sensor to the app via Bluetooth. This will enable the app to connect and your phone will soon receive information from your car.
  • The Fixd app will give you a bunch of information about your car, so you’ll enjoy taking a look around it. But, if there’s something wrong with your car you won’t have to go looking for it in the app because it will send you a notification to inform you ASAP so you can take action and get it sorted.
  • Fixd can be used on a variety of cars. Your car just needs to have an OBD2 port. The good news is that all cars which were produced in or after 1996 will have this port installed. Fixd will also work on all diesel vehicles that were made after 2008.
  • Fixd will be able to diagnose a range of problems in your car. It will be able to spot approximately 6,800 problems that can cause the car’s “check engine” light to come on. Some examples of what it can diagnose include engine oil temperature, O2 sensor failure, and more.
  • Just like with OBD2 scanners that are available on the market, Fixd will enable you to clear dashboard lights, such as those for your ABS, TPMS, and airbags. You will also be able to clear the “check engine” light after you’ve dealt with the problem that’s been causing it to come on.
  • Fixd will tell you when your car manufacturer recommends that you bring your car in for a service and will monitor your mileage so you don’t forget to service your car. This will help you stay on track with your car’s services.
  • Something that really sets Fixd apart from other car scanning tools on the market is that it doesn’t give you trouble codes that you then have to decipher, either with the product’s look-up tool or by doing an internet search. Instead, Fixd gives you simple, easy-to-understand terms so you can immediately know what’s wrong with your car. It will also tell you how serious the issue is and if you can continue driving your car before getting it repaired.
  • The Fixd app can be used for more than one car. If you want to use a Fixd sensor on multiple cars in your household, you will be able to use the same device and app. To make doing this easy, you can choose what car you want to scan and diagnose directly from the app.
  • Fixd works really quickly to scan and diagnose your car’s on-board computer. Once you’ve connected it to your car, it will do a full scan of your vehicle and you will be able to see the results within a few minutes. Now, by comparison, if you have to take your car to a mechanic for the same service, this will probably take quite a bit longer.
  • You don’t have to unplug it after use. Although some car scanners and code readers will have to be taken out of the OBD2 port of your car when you’ve finished using them otherwise they can drain your car’s battery, this is not something to worry about with Fixd. You can leave the sensor plugged in continuously without having to worry that it’s going to mess with your car’s battery.
  • There is a premium version of Fixd that you can use to enjoy free features as well as extra features, such as on-call support from Fixd mechanics, free cost estimates for repairs, and others. You will also gain information pertaining to your car’s emissions so that you will be aware of any problems you need to fix before taking your car to its emissions test. Fixd Premium comes at the cost of $5.83 per month.


  • One of the most obvious cons about Fixd is that you won’t be able to use it if your car was made before 1996 and doesn’t have an OBD2 port.
  • The Fixd sensor isn’t compatible with Mac or Windows apps, so it might feel a bit limited in this regard.
  • While it will give you useful information about what’s wrong with your car, it will only show generic fault codes.
  • Some people have reported issues with the company’s customer service, stating that they waited days or even weeks for responses to their queries. This can be problematic if you encounter any issues with the sensor or app.

Extra Information To Know About Fixd

Extra Information To Know About Fixd

Fixd goes the extra mile to offer you additional services that you usually won’t get with other car-scanning devices.

There are two services to know about: Fixd Maintenance Club and Fixd Vehicle Protection Plans.

Let’s take a look at them in greater detail.

Fixd Maintenance Club

This is a service offered by the company that enables you to do the repairs required on your car yourself, without having to go to a mechanic.

Basically, after using the Fixd sensor to diagnose the problem in your car, you will then send the information to Fixd.

It will send you the parts you need to do your own car repairs. It will also send you specific items based on your upcoming car service, so it will just require your car’s model, year, and make.

You can even customize what parts should be included in this maintenance box and when you’d like to receive it, based on your car’s maintenance schedule.

Although it’s free to be a member of the Fixd Maintenance Club, you will have to pay for the car parts.

 Fixd Vehicle Protection Plans

This is another service offered by Fixd. It offers you the chance to have 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, 24-hour assistance for car key replacements if you happen to lose your keys and don’t have a copy, and the Titanium Plus Protection is a plan that will give you both of these services as well as others included – protection for your windshield, wheels, and tires; and paintless dent repair. 

Is Fixd Worth It For You? 

Is Fixd Worth It For You?

As mentioned earlier, there are many OBD2 scanners and other code reader tools on the market that you can use to run diagnostic tests on your car.

However, Fixd does offer many benefits that you won’t always gain with such scanning devices. To help you figure out if Fixd is worth it for you, here are some things to consider.

You should buy Fixd if:

  • Your phone has Bluetooth so that you can enable a connection between Fixd and your phone, as well as to be able to use the Fixd app.
  • You want to have more control over the wellbeing of your car, instead of having to take your car to the mechanic for any little problem, such as being able to erase the “check engine” light.
  • You’re a DIY mechanic. You will be able to get the parts you need for your car’s repairs and have them sent to you so you can fix your car yourself. This can save you money in the long run, especially if you know your way around cars.
  • You don’t mind doing small repairs on your car. It’s also worth purchasing Fixd if you can handle some easy and small DIY car jobs yourself, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a mechanic in your spare time. The great thing about using Fixd is that the app will tell you if you can do the repair yourself or if you should rather take your car to a mechanic.
  • You want to better maintain your car and be alerted to any problems it has, as well as remember when to get it serviced.
  • You want an easy-to-use car scanning device that works within minutes instead of having to take your car to the mechanic for scans that can cost you much more money.
  • If any, or most, of these points apply to you, it’s clear to see that Fixd will be highly beneficial to you and how you look after your car in future.

Related Questions

How much does Fixd cost?


You will pay approximately $59 for a Fixd sensor. If you purchase two in one pack, you’ll pay $88 for them. For the premium version of Fixd, you will have to pay $5.83 per month.

Does Fixd come with a warranty? 

Fixd sensors have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so that’s more than enough time in which to test them out and ensure that they work for you before you commit to them. 


If you want to be able to monitor your car to see if it’s in good condition or you want to diagnose why your car’s “check engine” light won’t go away (and be able to remove it afterwards), you will need a car-scanning tool.

These are no longer reserved for professionals – these days any car owner can use them to diagnose problems with their cars.

While there are many scanners available on the market, Fixd is right up there with the best of them because of all the features it offers you as a car owner and DIY mechanic, as we’ve seen in this Fixd review.

It can save you money and time because you won’t have to take your car to a mechanic unless the problem that needs to be repaired is serious. 


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