OBDeleven Review: What Can This App Achieve?

OBDeleven Review: What Can This App Achieve?

One of the easiest ways to monitor and scan your car for problems is to make use of OBD2 scanners.

But these don’t always need to be of the wired variety – you can find apps that help you connect to your car’s internal computer to tell you if it’s in good condition or needs some TLC, therefore preventing you from having to connect via annoying wires or cables.

An example of such an app is OBDeleven.

What is OBDeleven? This is an app that you can get on iOS and Android, and it’s cloud-based software that you can use to monitor the health of your car. You just need an OBDeleven device to work with the software.

Let’s see what OBDeleven is all about and if you should purchase it. Here’s everything you need to know. 

What Are Important OBDeleven Features? 

What Are Important OBDeleven Features?

Here are some important features about OBDeleven and how it works.

  • You have to be online in order to use it, and it makes use of Bluetooth in order to work. So, that means you will need to log into your OBDeleven account to use the device so that it can scan your car. For this, you’ll need internet access.
  • When you’re ready to connect this software to your car, you will do so via your car’s OBD port with a dongle. When you leave a dongle plugged into the OBD port of your car, it can sometimes drain your battery, but to prevent that from happening OBDeleven will send you an alarm alerting you that the dongle is still inside your car. No more battery drain problems!
  • After you’ve paired your app with the device, you will receive details about your car and any fault codes you want to clear. It’s really that easy to set up and start using OBDeleven.
  • There is an OBDeleven Pro version that’s available for purchase. This unlocks more features for you to enjoy, such as coding, output tests, and trouble code freeze-frame (which is currently still being developed). To unlock the Pro version, you will need to activate it in your account. You can do this by going to the menu bars icon in the app and clicking on your profile image. There you’ll see an option for Pro. You have to buy the Pro version and get a code, then enter the code so that you can start using it.
  • It’s important to know that there are different generations of the OBDeleven device. The first one only supports Android and is compatible with Seat, Skoda, Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley, and Lamborghini vehicles. The second generation is compatible with both Android and iOS, and it supports Audi, Seat, Volkswagen, Skoda, Bently, and Lamborghini, however, more car brands will be added soon. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of OBDeleven? 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of OBDeleven?

Now that we have a better idea of OBDeleven and how to set it up, let’s explore its pros and cons.


  • This tool will be able to give you access to your car’s VIN number, and it will also allow you to share diagnostic data via email. The VIN number is especially important when purchasing a used car as it will help you confirm that the right engine is in the car.
  • It will give you updates on the health of your car’s battery.
  • By using OBDeleven you’ll be able to diagnose what’s wrong with your car, and then remove the trouble codes later without having to take your car to a mechanic. In fact, you’ll be able to use OBDeleven to remove a variety of codes for many systems in the car, such as the engine, airbags, transmission, ABS, and air conditioning. This is great because some car scanners only remove the “check engine” light.
  • If you receive a diagnostic trouble code but you’re not sure what it means, the software will inform you of it because it has engine, fault code, and equipment lookup features. This means you’ll never be left confused. This also makes OBDeleven great for beginners to use.
  • There are different ways in which to display the information you get from this car scanning software, such as graphs and live data, to make it much more accessible to you.
  • It’s easy to use and set up, and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 
  • The device is small and compact, so you’ll find it very convenient to pack it in your bag or keep it in your car where it will be handy should you need it when you’re on the road.  
  • OBDeleven works on various devices, so if you happen to change your phone for a different brand or model in future, this won’t affect your usage of the software. You can also connect an unlimited number of tablets or phones to your OBDeleven device.
  • The second generation of OBDeleven comes in various packages so you can find one that suits your needs the best. The “starter” pack makes use of the next-generation device and gives you 100 credits, the “pro” pack comes with a next-generation device and offers 200 credits and a “Pro” license, and the “ultimate” pack includes the next-generation device along with 500 credits, the Pro license, a carry pouch, and a phone holder.
  • Credits? Yes, credits. You will be able to purchase credits to unlock extra features on the app.
  • You will have tons of things you can scan on your vehicle, which is why OBDeleven is such a comprehensive device. Examples of things include oil pressure monitoring, EPB release, DRL reset, new battery registration, comfort turn signals, and more.
  • You can make use of what’s known as “apps.” These enable you to change various settings of your car in one click. Examples include oil pressure monitoring, DRL reset, and many others. You can find them in the apps menu and apps offer certain features for specific vehicles.
  • The Bluetooth connection of OBDeleven is said to be very strong and offers you connectivity up to approximately 10 meters. That means you won’t have to sit in the car whenever you use the OBDeleven app. 


  • One of the biggest drawbacks of this software is that it’s Cloud-based so you will have to be online whenever you want it to work. This might not always be possible, which could restrict your use of it.
  • While the apps sound great, there is a catch with them. They cost 10 credits to use and you have to pay for them whenever you wish to use them on your car. This product makes use of a credit system that you will need to navigate, such as by buying credits online, in order to unlock certain features. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the credit system is in place even when you use the Pro version.
  • Some people who purchased OBDeleven reported that it came with no instructions, which can make finding your way around it a bit tricky.
  • Although it’s available on Android and iOS, some features are still not ready to be used on iOS. These include features such as charts and gauges. Gauges are an example of a great feature to have on a car-scanning tool because it lets you check parameters such as your acceleration position and battery voltage.
  • The first-generation OBDeleven device doesn’t contain digital content such as credits and you can’t access the Pro version.
  • Earlier we mentioned what car brands are compatible with OBDeleven, but these seem quite limited. The company is working on making the device compatible with BMW, but it’s a pity that it’s not compatible with more universal brands.
  • The live data feature, which is available on many other OBD2 scanners, is only available on the Pro version. 

So, Is OBDeleven Right For You? 

So, Is OBDeleven Right For You?

It’s not always easy to know if a car scanning tool and app is worth it. For starters, there are so many different products available on the market, which makes it difficult to know which one is best.

Many of the high-quality devices and apps you can find also offer many of the same features, which can further make your decision complicated. With that in mind, let’s look at if you should purchase OBDeleven or not.

OBDeleven is right for you if:

  • You know your way around car scanning tools and apps and you don’t mind having to learn about OBDeleven. Bear in mind it doesn’t come with many instructions so you will have to take the time to learn about it and how to use it.
  • You’re a professional mechanic or you’re a DIY mechanic who wants to be able to have a greater understanding of your car’s trouble codes and issues as this can help you save time and money.
  • You know your way around using apps and you always have your phone with you, as well as a stable internet connection.
  • You don’t mind having to pay for extra features in the app and you’re going to be using these features on a regular basis. If you’re only looking for a car scanning device that will give you standard features, such as VIN number identification or the ability to erase trouble codes and have your diagnostic report emailed to you, then you can get all this with a regular OBD scanner. 

OBDeleven Vs Carista 

OBDeleven Vs Carista

Both OBDeleven and Carista are popular scanning tools for your car, which is why some people battle to know which one they should choose.

This is especially because both are within the same price bracket and both work on OBD2 cars. So, what are some of the notable differences between them?

There are some things to know. While Carista is focused on simplicity it doesn’t allow manual coding. OBDeleven, on the other hand, does. That’s something that might appeal to you if you want to do coding.

Depending on the brand of car you drive, you might want to make use of Carista instead of OBDeleven. This is because it caters to more vehicle brands, such as BMW, Toyota, and Nissan.

So, if you’re looking for a car scanning device that will give you extra professional features, then OBDeleven is worth it.

On the other hand, if you want a device that will give you many of the same features as what you can find in other devices and that’s a bit more versatile when it comes to vehicle compatibility, then you should purchase something like Carista.

Ultimately, it’s always good to consult with online sources before choosing any OBD2 scanning device to see what it really has to offer. Just because a tool is popular, it doesn’t mean it will be right for what you need. 

Related Questions 

What Android and iOS versions are required to run OBDeleven?


You will need Android 5.0 or above and iOS 11.0 or later.

Where can you buy the OBDeleven device?

Check out the OBDeleven website for links depending on the device generation that you want. 


If you’re looking for a car scanning tool that is made for professionals and gives you lots of features, OBDeleven is one that’s definitely worth checking out.

Once you have the OBDeleven device and app, you can start monitoring and scanning your car for a range of problems. 

However, there are some important things to know about OBDeleven, such as its pros, cons, and various features we’ve outlined in this OBDeleven review.

These are sure to help you figure out if OBDeleven is worth it or if you should consider an alternative car scanning device.


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