OBD Genie Review: Is This Car Programmer Good?

OBD Genie Review: Is This Car Programmer Good?

OBD Genie is a custom vehicle programmer that you can purchase online and use yourself without enlisting the help of a professional.

Now, you might be wondering why you’d need to program anything in your vehicle.

What’s The Point of OBD Genie?

What’s the point of OBD Genie?

This DIY programmer can help you to take your car to the next level, customizing it in the way that you want it to work, whether that entails changing its mirrors, lights, or a range of other elements.

With that in mind, let’s explore OBD Genie. We’ll look at its pros and cons, and figure out if it’s something you should purchase or not. 

OBD Genie Pros 

  • OBD Genie basically offers car owners DIY programming that enables them to change a variety of features on their cars.
  • Here are some of the best features of OBD Genie to know about so you can see what it can do for your car.
  • You can use OBD Genie to upgrade your car’s lights. You can start making use of LED lighting or enable certain functionality, such as Daytime Running Lights. These lights are low-powered, bright LED lights that remain on whenever your car is running. They’re useful to make it easier for road users such as pedestrians and cyclists to notice your car. 
  • You can use OBD Genie for power-folding mirrors, without having to take your car to the dealership for this to be done. Power folding mirrors are beneficial because they prevent your car’s mirrors from becoming damaged. This is as a result of how they automatically fold inwards when you park your car and will automatically unfold when you open the door and get ready to drive your car. 
  • OBD Genie offers camera programmers for backup and cargo cameras. A backup camera, otherwise known as a reversing camera, helps you to see the area behind your car when you need to reverse, while cargo cameras give you a clear view of the inside of the truck bed on your monitor that’s located inside the car.
  • If you’re sick and tired of your car’s “stop/start” feature you can turn it off. This feature automatically shuts down and restarts the car’s internal combustion engine to prevent idling time, which can decrease your fuel consumption as well as emissions.
  • It’s really easy to use OBD Genie. Simply insert it into your car’s OBD2 port, in the same way you’d plug an OBD scanner into it.
  • On the OBD Genie website, you’ll see that it offers features for a range of car brands, such as Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, Jeep, Ford, GM, as well as imports which include Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Audi.
  • OBD Genie comes with a full one-year money-back warranty and this is the case for all of its products, so that’s good to know if you encounter any issues.
  • If you need to purchase more than one OBD Genie product, such as because you want to install various features on your car, you won’t have to receive multiple OBD Genie devices. A convenient service from the company is that they will send you all the upgrades you want to buy in one Genie programmer. This makes it much easier and more convenient to use. 


  • One of the biggest drawbacks of OBD Genie is that you can only use it on one vehicle. You can’t decide to use it on your second car or your friend’s car. If you want to be able to use OBD Genie on other vehicles, you’ll have to purchase additional tokens. You will need to contact OBD Genie directly because not much information is provided about these tokens and how much they cost.
  • You will have to purchase certain OBD Genie products from the company’s website depending on what you want to do to your car. OBD Genie is not just one device that can do a variety of functions. So, if you’re looking to program your car for heated or ventilated seats or a heated steering wheel, once you’ve replaced the products you’ll use OBD Genie to program them. 

What OBD Genie Features Can You Get On Different Vehicles? 

Earlier, we mentioned that OBD Genie is compatible with different vehicle brands.

But, not all features are standard across car manufacturers, so with that in mind let’s explore what features you can enjoy and how you can program your specific car in exciting ways to transform it into what you want.

Dodge Features 


On Dodge vehicles, you will be able to do the following things:

  • Rear-view camera programming 
  • Daytime running lights 
  • Performance pages 
  • Engine start/stop disabler
  • Handsfree programmer 
  • LED mode programmer 
  • Sirius Traffic Link 
  • Rear vehicle entertainment system

Ram Features

Ram vehicles have similar features to Dodge’s ones, such as when it comes to rear-view cameras, rear vehicle entertainment, LED mode programmer, traffic link, stop/start disabler, hands-free programmer, and daytime running lights, but it has some extras. These include:

  • Power folding mirrors 
  • Trailer brake controller
  • Secondary cargo camera
  • Single-zone automatic programmer 
  • Bed lights programmer

Chrysler Features

You can get a lot of the features already outlined on your Chrysler vehicle:

  • Rearview camera 
  • Daytime running lights 
  • Performance pages 
  • Stop/start disable programmer
  • Handsfree programmer 
  • LED mode programmer 
  • Sirius traffic link 
  • Rear vehicle entertainment system

Jeep Features


Jeep features include the following:

  • Rearview camera 
  • Daytime running lights 
  • Off-road pages 
  • Engine stop/start disabler
  • Sirius traffic link 
  • LED mode programmer
  • Vehicle entertainment system 
  • Handsfree programmer 
  • Power folding mirrors

Ford Features

For Ford vehicles, there are different features available:

  • MyFord Touch GPS navigation upgrade 
  • HD radio upgrades 
  • Engine stop/start disabler programmer
  • Ford Lincoln Rear View Camera Programmer
  • Sirius Satellite Radio Upgrade
  • Auto Window Up Programme

GM Features  

The OBD Genie features for GM vehicles are a bit limited:

  • Rear View Camera Programmer
  • Navigation Upgrade

Imported Vehicle Features

These include an engine start/stop programmer for Mercedes and a Daylight Running Lamp (DRL) programmer for Audi or Volkswagen.

Other Info You Need To Know About OBD Genie

Other Info You Need To Know About OBD Genie

You might wonder if getting a DIY car programmer such as OBD Genie is worth it for you, especially if you’re not a mechanic or know your way around cars.

The good thing about OBD Genie is that it’s really easy to use. Once you purchase the OBD Genie product you need for the feature you want to install or update in your car, you’ll be good to go.

You’ll plug it into your OBD port and then wait for its green light to come on. When it does, you’ll take it out of the port as it will have completed its function.

After turning off your car and putting it back on, your car will be programmed with the feature.

This is really simple to do and anyone can use OBD Genie provided that they know where their car’s OBD2 port is located.

Hint: it’s usually on the driver’s seat side of the car, close to the steering wheel, and it’s sometimes hidden underneath a protective cover.

Despite the above, you might be the type of person who would rather go to your mechanic when installing new features and programing them in your car.

This might also end up being less expensive than doing it yourself with OBD Genie. You might feel that you should get a professional to do the programming for you in case you encounter obstacles or issues.

For example, when installing a feature on your car it might not work because you need a different part. In this sort of situation, you might feel that you could have saved your money and gone to your mechanic instead.

So, it’s probably a good idea to conduct an internet search for the feature you wish to install or upgrade to see if anyone has had an issue with it.

This is always smart to do before you go ahead and purchase a car programming device.

You should also bear in mind that an obstacle you might encounter when you want to use OBD Genie relates to the security gateway module of your car. Some car models have been equipped with a device known as a security gateway module.

This module basically prevents CAN bus hacking over LTE or 3G networks. You will have to bypass this security module before you can make use of a DIY car programmer like OBD Genie.

In order to do this, you’ll have to disconnect the security gateway module’s two plugs and connect them into the bypass device, which is an item you’ll have to purchase separately and it can cost around $50.

You might have to factor in this extra expense when you want to use OBD Genie on your car.

Once you have disconnected the car’s security system you’ll be able to run the OBD Genie programmer.

When it has installed the feature on your car, which you’ll know has been completed successfully by the green LED light that appears on the OBD Genie device, you’ll be able to remove the bypass device so that the security gateway model can start working again.

The location of your car’s security gateway module will vary depending on the type of car you have.

Infotainment has location information for various car brands so it’s worth checking out if you need to do this before you can use OBD Genie. 

Is OBD Genie Worth It For You?

Is OBD Genie Worth It For You?

Now that you’ve read through the pros and cons of OBD Genie as well as extra information that you should know about it before you buy it, it’s worth considering if OBD Genie is something that’s actually worth purchasing. Here are some things to think about:

  • If you’re not tech-savvy or you don’t want the hassle of having to troubleshoot a car programmer, then using OBD Genie should be reserved for really easy functions and upgrades.
  • If you don’t want to fiddle with your car’s security module and you don’t want the extra job of having to purchase devices that will disable this module, then OBD Genie might feel a bit too complicated or stressful for you.
  • If you’re the type of person who likes to use technological gadgets on your car and you want to be able to have more control over your car, not just when it comes to its diagnostics but also when it comes to its customization, and you want to be able to do this stuff yourself without always having to call a professional, then the OBD Genie programmer has some real benefits that you will enjoy.
  • It helps to have experience with using an OBD2 scanner on your car. Even though using a car programmer such as OBD Genie is easy to do, having previously located your OBD port and feeling confident about using it will make you feel good about trying a programmer such as OBD Genie. 

Related Questions 

Why is the OBD Genie light flashing five times?


This means that OBD Genie can’t recognize your car, so your car is not compatible with the system.

Where can you gain information about the lights on your OBD Genie and what they mean?

There’s a page on the OBD Genie website that gives you information about what those lights mean so you can troubleshoot your device. 


Being able to program your own car with various features is an easy, exciting way to get the car you want without having to take it to a mechanic or dealership.

If that sounds like a dream to you, you’ll want to purchase OBD Genie products. These are compatible with a variety of car brands and conveniently make use of your car’s OBD port.

In this article, we’ve looked at OBD Genie and how it works, as well as what issues you might encounter with it. After reading our OBD Genie review, you now have a better idea of this programmer and if it’s something that’s worth purchasing.


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